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Ready to step into Christ’s call on your life?

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Employment Opportunities

FAMM is looking for Kingdom-minded people who want to use their gifts, talents, and passions to make an impact in the world. Join the team and help share the love of Jesus with those who have never heard!


FAMM’s US-based team is a champion for the ministry! This team provides essential support to propel the gospel forward in our harvest fields.

FAMM’s team in Houston, and remotely around the US, is made up of individuals who want to have a significant role in the Kingdom. Use your skills to make an impact on this team!


Do you have a heart to reach the unreached?
Learn about your calling as a disciple. 
Experience other cultures while working alongside the FAMM team.
Apply your skills in practical ministry.
Over the eight weeks of the internship, you will explore evangelism, cross-cultural communication, and disciple-making using FAMM’s strategy.


FAMM has an international team of missionaries who serve with indigenous leaders in our network. Our missionaries are raised up within our residency program called the Apostolic Mobilization Residency (AMR).

As a participant in FAMM’s AMR, you will prepare to serve as an apostolic leader to develop teams and networks to see Kingdom Movements in the field. Let your life be used for the forward and rapid expansion of the church for generations to come.

FAMM Team Culture

Our team is passionate about Jesus and making a difference in the world. As world-changers, we strive to work hard unto the Lord and have a great quality of life while doing it. Our core values unify us as a team as we each put our hands to the plow to see Kingdom Movements around the world.


The Four Things

Over the years, the founders of FAMM have recognized “Four Things” that help a team member: GET on the team, STAY on the team, and be PRODUCTIVE while on the team. These things remain true whether you serve on the US-based team, international team, or as a short-term intern.



Understood as obedience: To do it is to be obedient to the Lord, therefore to not act is to be disobedient to Him.



Serving in my sweet spot: Able to apply myself with authentic enthusiasm, zeal, and heartfelt excitement to my role.


Strategic Alignment

Confident in the mission: My life, values, and purpose align with the mission of FAMM which gives me the confidence to focus my efforts into a ministry that I believe in.



Perpetual Yielding: Understanding that continual sacrifice will be necessary to get on the team, stay on the team, and be productive on the team.

FAMM Benefits

Full-time team members receive FAMM benefits, including medical, 401(k) match, paid holidays, and paid vacation time.

Some roles at FAMM are support-raised opportunities, meaning that team members are responsible for raising their own personal funding for their salary, benefits, and ministry costs. To aid in this process and to provide excellent ongoing support, we are committed to providing excellent service to our missionary staff with support-raising training, coaching, an in-house marketing team, and donor management software. We are accredited for excellence by ECFA, GuideStar, and Excellence in Giving.

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FAMM Headquarters

FAMM’s Headquarters is based at 757 N Eldridge Pkwy, Ste 550, Houston, TX 77079.

Equal Opportunity Employer

FAMM is both an equal-opportunity employer and a Christian organization. We conduct hiring without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, marital status, parental status, political ideology, or disability of an otherwise-qualified individual.

Pursuant to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 702 (42 U.S.C. 2000e I(a)), FAMM has the right to, and does, hire only applicants who agree with FAMM’s Statement of Faith, Mission Alignment, and conduct themselves in accordance with our religious beliefs.


Mobilization Associate

Assist with every aspect of FAMM's Mobilization, including Short-Term Missions Trips, internships, and the residency program.

Relationship Specialist

Work with donors and churches to facilitate a mutually edifying relationship between themselves and FAMM in order to fulfill the missional agendas of both partners.

Contract Writer & Editor

Provide support to the FAMM US Operations Team by creating written content to help communicate the ministry's mission and vision.


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