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FAMM uses orality principles and a culturally appropriate strategy to reach unreached people groups in limited-access nations with a movement orientation.

Sunil was a young labor worker in a massive Middle Eastern city. Like so many other young men in his situation, his idea of life in the city was shattered as soon as he arrived and the realities of the lonely labor camps set in. In desperation, Sunil started looking for help and hope. He heard about the work of FAMM in the labor camps and came in contact with Kevin Phillips. Sunil was a man of peace, and it was not long before he hosted a Compassion Kit party and a story group in his room. Through  the story group, Sunil and many other men became followers of Jesus. He was baptized in the Persian Gulf and began to be established in the faith by the FAMM team.

Sunil is one of 1,180,547 people reached
since FAMM began in 2009.

Reach. Equip. Send.


FAMM uses a reproducible disciple-making process to equip indigenous leaders as obedient followers of Christ who will go and make other disciples with a multiplication mindset.

Once Sunil became a follower of Christ, he immediately started sharing his faith with others. He was trained in FAMM’s Disciple-to-Disciple training process (D2D). This training equipped him as an obedient follower of Jesus and a true disciple-maker.

In the same way Sunil was equipped, 
263,559 other leaders have been
trained by FAMM since 2009.


FAMM sends leaders from some of the most unreached & unengaged people groups on the planet to start disciple-making movements among their own people.

After Sunil became a disciple-maker living in obedience to Christ, he caught a vision to begin a disciple-making movement among his own people. Now, he has been sent back to his home country to initiate, nurture, and facilitate a movement of disciple-making that results in biblical church planting.

Just as Sunil was sent, FAMM is sending other movement makers across South Asia.
EVERY DAY, sent ones are going
into the harvest fields.

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