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Vol. 1: Disciple 2 Disciple

Vol. 1: Disciple 2 Disciple




How Can You Spark a Movement of Disciple-Making?

“The harvest is plentiful,” Jesus said, “but the workers are few.” The same is true today. Fields around the world are white for harvest, and it will take movements of disciple-makers to bring in the great harvest that God is preparing. As we seek to make disciples of all nations, how can we become and equip disciple-makers with a movement orientation?




The For All Mankind Movement exists to initiate, nurture, and facilitate disciple-making movements among the unreached that lead to biblical church planting. Disciple 2 Disciple is the reproducible disciple-making process we have used to equip tens of thousands of believers to reach hundreds of thousands of those who had never heard the gospel. Now, we’ve made this tool available for anyone who has a heart for disciple-making. Disciple 2 Disciple provides 12 lessons to help you: 

  • PREPARE your disciples with a six-step approach rooted in Scripture
  • EQUIP them with practical tools for implementing each step
  • COACH them as they begin living it out in their communities


Disciple 2 Disciple builds on the Bible’s precedent of movement-oriented discipleship with years of field experience to present a reproducible disciple-making process that can be adapted to any context. Whether you are a minister or missionary, a pastor or a layperson, if you are looking to spark a movement of disciple-making that leads to biblical church planting, D2D was written for you.


Now, let’s prepare to go out into the fields to reap a harvest for the glory of God!

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