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What is a Kingdom Movement ?

A network of Kingdom citizens cooperating in a sustained effort of making disciples and establishing churches at an exponential rate to disrupt  the kingdom of darkness within a geographical area.

Components of a Kingdom Movement 
ACTS 18:18-19:10

A Cooperating Network

Paul, Priscilla & Aquila, Apollos, Timothy, Erastus & Other Disciples

Kingdom Citizens

Those transformed through the Lord Jesus (juxtaposed against those represented in Acts 19:13-17)

Sustained effort of making disciples and establishing churches

At least two years and three months

Exponential Rate

All who lived in the province of Asia heard the world of the Lord

Disrupting the Kingdom of Darkness

Evident in lives being changed (Acts 19:18-20) and the persecution that followed (Acts 19:23-41)

Geographic Area

The Provence of Asia with Ephesus as its capital (modern-day Turkey and Greece)

What is the Kingdom Movement opportunity before you?

What has God been putting on your heart for the harvest fields?

What does God have for you in the harvest fields?

What does God want of you as the harvest force?

If a Kingdom Movement is the opportunity that you're looking for, the Apostolic Mobilization Residency is designed to get you in the right posture, on the right team, and in the right place.

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