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What is your Kingdom Movement Opportunity?

Our Mobilization Team cultivates short, mid, and long-term opportunities for others to join in this expression and come alongside our work in the field. Through partnerships, we have seen a discipleship process that is mutually edifying, building into our work in the field as well as the lives and callings of those who go. We want everyone who "goes" with FAMM to experience the church as a movement and to find their own Kingdom Movement Opportunity. 


FAMM’s US-based team is a champion for the ministry! This team provides essential support to propel the gospel forward in our harvest fields.

FAMM’s team in Houston, and remotely around the US, is made up of individuals who want to have a significant role in the Kingdom. Use your skills to make an impact on this team!


Do you have a heart to reach the unreached?
Learn about your calling as a disciple. 
Experience other cultures while working alongside the FAMM team.
Apply your skills in practical ministry.
Over the eight weeks of the internship, you will explore evangelism, cross-cultural communication, and disciple-making using FAMM’s strategy.


FAMM has an international team of missionaries who serve with indigenous leaders in our network. Our missionaries are raised up within our residency program called the Apostolic Mobilization Residency (AMR).

As a participant in FAMM’s AMR, you will prepare to serve as an apostolic leader to develop teams and networks to see Kingdom Movements in the field. Let your life be used for the forward and rapid expansion of the church for generations to come.

Do you see yourself as Sent?

Talk to our Mobilization Team today about what it could look like to LIVE SENT.


or submit your application to the Internship or Residency today

Summer Internship

Summer 2024

Residency Cohort 2

Begins August 2024

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